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Thread: a day of firsts

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    a day of firsts

    finally got out onstream today and caught a few. my first trout of 2004. it wasn't fishing it was catching and it got kinda boring. then it dawned on me that the stream had recently been stocked and they would take a gum wrapper if i fished it. yep nothin like stalking the wily stocked trout. i think maybe chub are more selective feeders. oh well it was nice to be on the water and not freezing.

    tom b

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    Look on the bright side, Tom. You are out fishing. You aren't stuck in some office pushing papers or pressing silly buttons on a keyboard. Most likely it is a beautiful day, and the only thing you have to worry about is whether you should be using the tan fly or the black fly. Yes, it is a glorious day of firsts.

    Dennis ;)

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