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    Since nobody has any questions...

    ...I'll ask one.

    Any tips for nosepresses? I can get the tail in the air for periods but I can never hold them for the entire length of the rail/box. I have no problem with tailpresses but these give me trouble.


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    No clue...

    I just freeride with the occasional 180 thrown in on a big stiff board. The only time I can do a nose press is when I land too far in the backseat on a 180 in which case it's just a switch tail press until I get my weight centered again.. ;)

    Just thought I post a useless reply to try to bump up the thread so you can get a real answer...

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    It's all in the hips....

    Move your hips forward over the nose of the board. If you look straight down and can see your front binding, you aren't forward enough.It's going to feel weird and like your going to fall forward, but you won't. Once your hips are forward, try to pull the tail of the board up to you with your back leg. This should get the tail pretty high off the snow. Practice it on some flatter trails just to get the hang of it, then move on to boxes. Once you get it down, nose pressing rails when doing a 50-50 will be no problemo.

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