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    Am I Crazy???????

    Either I am or I just love my cat I suppose. I woke up Monday morning to my cat crying because he couldn't tinkle due to some type of blockage. Took him to the vet and he was fully "blocked" with toxins building in his system. Thought to myself "oh great, an unexpected $200 bill". Turns out he needed surgery after all other avenues failed. Paid the vet $400 and then took him to an emergency surgeon. Surgery went well and tomorrow I get to pick him up, along with a $2k bill If the situation can''t be controlled in the future via diet then a second surgery could possibly be needed. In this scenario however, his wee wee would be chopped off and a new "hole" would be made to allow for a larger passage. It'd probably cause him psychological distress, what with not having any genitalia and essentially being a girl from then out. Anyone else out there love their pet or am I just plain crazy?
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