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    Setup for GF..did I do good?

    Damn haven't been around these parts for some while..looks little different but still see some of the familiar names around here.Well my girlfriend has a total time of around 20 minutes on the snow (no lift exp. just yet) but decided to shell out some cash and buy some gear..gets kinda pricey shelling out 35 plus each time for rentals.So being the helpful person I am why not track down some new gear for her.Bought the board and bindings through Ebay..brand new and purchased the boots,new, from some place in south jersey.The boots fit great (just got today..thankfully I have been pretty lucking with sizing of footwear from the net) the board looks like an appropriate size and lastly the bindings which (fingers crossed) hopefully will fit equally as well.Just hope the bindings are not TOO big for the board/boots..what do you folks think? Also know its not all top o the line but overall is it a pretty good setup..quality and what not.. for a women starting out in boardin?Here is what I got for with some handy links:

    All stuff is brand spankn new

    The Board:
    03-04 Lamar Whisper 154cm Women's Snowboard

    The Bindings:
    03-04,04-05?? - Technine T9 series bindings - mens large

    The Boots:
    03-04 Womens Northwave Freedom Impact size:9.5 womens

    Not everything is the best you can buy but the prices were really,really good for new stuff.Hopefully she picks it up quick..nothing like going from zero to sixty..starting out at a really small mtn..then on to Jays peak next month.Take it easy guys.

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    You will be flirting with binding overhang on that board with a large binding(not to mention boot fit), but everything else sounds good for her as long as it fits her weight, foot size, etc. You may be okay because in past years the T9 didn't have that long of a baseplate, more like a M/L sizing. The Whisper actually retails for lower than $299, Lamar just uses absurd MSRP pricing for some reason.

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