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    Does my board fit me?

    I am 6 foot 3 inchs tall, i weigh 175lbs. ( I'am pretty light). I just picked up a brand new 05 Burton Baron ES (159), do I need a longer board? I want to be able to do tricks and stuff, dont really have an intrest for the back country. My bindings are Burton P1s (large) and i got the Burton Ruler size 14 boots. What do you think? Is this a good fit for me?

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    I guess my first question would be what is the width on that board? For playing in the park you'll be okay with something that short, as long as it's wide enough to handle your boots and the angles you like to ride. The other question that would come into play normaly is where you ride, as in what the snow conditions usually are... But if you are riding park primarily, it doesn't really matter much as it'll usually be hardpack to icy anyway...

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    Your board length should be alright. What you might end up looking into are some risers though, (Palmer's are nice). That board is really nice, I rode the 164 or 165 last year on a demo. Good luck!!

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