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    Question need advice

    Hi, I am 26 years old from Kosova, I am beginner I start skiing last year. Last week I bought new skis "ELAN" dual titanium and boots "ALPINA" challenger c7.0. I went to mountain hill twice last days and it was great. ok my question is after i went back home my boots were sweat inside, so how can i dry them so that i can ski tomorow.

    I would really appriciate for your help,
    thanks and best regards

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    Smile Boots

    I do not ski very much, as i once broke my collar bone nd my leg in a trajic accident with a snow mobile. I was run over dy the tracks. What i would do is to wash out your boots, with a non allergic detergant or soap. Then i would dry it when the smell goes away, possibly with a hairdryer.
    I bought some skis about six months ago, and i can attach ant shoe to it. At the moment, my favourite shoe is the nike air rift. If you fall over, you jump out of the bracets, and stop. They have so much grip, but can get cold if you do not wear socks (like me).
    Hope this helps.

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