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    Question Dimples in k2 board?

    Well i have heard about it.. but how do i fix the out-wards dimples where my bindings screw on my k2 Fat Bob any help apperciated. thanks

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    Get shorter screws... unless you've already heard a "pop" when tightening your bindings, then it's too late.

    Dimples inward = screwing too tight, pulling insert away from base
    Dimples out-ward = screw too long, pushing base out with screw..

    If you pull it too tight to the point where the insert completely separates from the base layers, it may dimple back out, but you can push it back in.. Basically like an air bubble in the layers. In this case drill a small hole through the insert (where your screw would go) just deep enough into this new air pocket. Fill it with some good slow dryinging two part epoxy and clamp it for 24hrs. This will hopefully glue the insert, core, and base all back together. Use a flat peice of metal or hard wood between the base and the clamp to make sure it drys flat.

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