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    Valentine Smoosh

    So, what to do when you got 2 Valentines to take on a date? Particularly when one of them is an adorable 6 y.o.?

    Well, take them to an all ages rock show with kid bands Smoosh and Schoolyard Heroes! Man, what a blast! The 2 smoosh sisters (9 & 12), have become overnight idols for Lil'M, (which I much rather over Brtiney et al..), and Schoolyard Heroes had my grown up Valentine rockin' out, so everybody happy! (like everybody should be, right?)
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    That sounds like a good time.

    We went out to dinner with our friends and their two kids to Big Bowl. It' funny watching a 3 year old trying to eat with training chop sticks. Ultimately, the hand works better.

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