I have been getting a bit of conflicting information from sales people and I was hoping for some of your opinions to sort this out. I purchased a wide board and bindings at a ski swap but I need to replace the bindings, I use a size 13 boot and the bindings are too small. I was looking for something with a plastic base and metal heel cup, I've been told that this will provide good support with a bit of give for board flex. I have also been given the advise that I should go with all metal (aluminum) base because of my large boots, he said it will stabilize my board and the plastic would move around too much. I was under the impression that the industry was moving away from metal bases because they don't allow proper board flexing. Let me know what you think.
I ride a 5150 pacer wide cap board, width=269mm, length=156cm. I weigh 200 to 210 lbs.

Thank you.