I just checked out this forum and realy liked the information I saw. I was hoping to get some advise on what type/size board would work well for my needs.

I am 6 foot 2 inches, weigh 175 pounds and have size 11 boots. I have been boarding about 5 years all on the same board, a 158 Limited. I have enjoyed the board and been able to take it all over the mountain with no big problems other than in powder. The nose drops easily and I sink quickly. I am thinking that a longer board might help this situation. I was thinking in the range of 163-4 or so. I live in Southern California and mainly ride local mountains, with at least one trip a year up to Mammoth. Also I will be spending a week boarding in Chlie next summer, hoping for lots of fluffy dry powder!!! I am looking for a board that will take me all over the mountain, through powder, let me carve, and perform at high speeds. I will be using my short board for the park or when snow is not optimal.

So far I have considered the following boards.

Burton Canyon 168 Custom 163
Arbor Aframe 166 Element 162
Ride Timeless 164

I have mixed feelings about wide boards. I have heard they make edge-to-edge transitioning difficult. Not sure how much truth to this there is.

Any thoughts on these boards or others that might be good?