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    CanariaBaby! Welcome back and Questions about Spain

    Hey Darling!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you?!? SO glad you are back!!! I havent been on the board in forever. Work work work. I finally get on and read about all your wonderful adventures in the Canary Islands -- damn, my summer sucked compared to yours. Please post more pictures. I miss the beach so badly. Thats the only thing that Denver is seriously lacking. Oh well. Soon enough.

    Which brings me to my questions about Spain! Terry and have have made a definite and final decision about our honeymoon, and guess what? We're headed to Spain!!

    Started looking last night at potential places to visit. I'll probably go buy a book today, but I knew I had to ask you for input and advice. Here's what we're thinking. First week needs to be on the beach, but near lots of other stuff so that we can grab a car and drive around and explore. We're thinking somewhere on the southern coast, maybe Malaga - then day trips to Sevilla and other cool places nearby. We are using a Timeshare T's parents gave us, hence the need to be in one location for a week. After that we definitely want to hit Barcelona at some point. Other than that, we've thrown around the idea of potentially visiting Madrid for a day or possibly trying to head to Portugual? I even threw out the idea of hitting the Canary Islands for a couple days on the way back to the states. We only have a week to do everything else though, so I'm inclined to drop Madrid from the tour. Do 3 days in Barcelona, 2 days in Portugual and 2 days in the Canary Islands? Not sure how feasible this all is. Will have to explore travel time and our actual schedule. How fun though!! Two whole weeks. It's not three months, but I'll take it.

    So, any suggestions on the above or other things i havent thought of?

    I can't wait!

    So glad to have you back and we need to samba all night long ONE of these days .

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    Ms. BundaBoodle!

    Girl, did I think of you in the Canary Islands... there was no escaping it! Brazil is quite "in" these days and you constantly saw people dressed in Brazil's colors, soccer shirts, culottes, etc... I personally ought to thank Giselle Bundchen's Ipanema sandals, the most comfortable and practical, I've ever worn, the only shoes I needed all summer.

    So cool to hear you and Mr. T are going to Spain for your honeymoon! What time of the year are you guys thinking of going? Because I cannot let you go to the Canary Islands if I'm not there, and much less for 2 days, that's sacrilege! It takes a few weeks minimum in the islands to really appreciate them, and the guidance/hospitality of yours trully.

    However, mainland Spain already offers more than enough options to fill your itinerary. Depending on the time of the year, I would definitely recommend a coastal drive around the country, in Andalucia where you have the timeshare, there are great beaches in the region of Tarifa, there're also the National parks of Donana and Sierra Nevada, which are just beautiful, then along the coast of Portugal there are some beautiful little coves perfect for honeymooners beach fantasies , I highly recommend to keep driving up to Galicia and the northern coast of Spain (Navarra, Euskadi), where the scenery is breath taking, especially the National parks of Picos de Europa and Cordillera Cantabrica, then you can drive along the southern side of the Pyrenees through the Ordesa National park and get to Barcelona, the coolest big city in Spain. I wouldn't waste too much time in the interior unless you have an ardent dessire to visit the museums of Madrid, where you can view some authentic masterpieces.

    I got even more suggestions, but I don't want to overwhelm you, so keep me posted on the planning, and feel free to ask me anything you need to know.

    Thanks for the warm welcome, by the way
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    I'm not Spanish but...

    I can say that Palma Mallorca, part of the Balearic Islands, was a nice place to visit. The culture and history blew me away. The Cathedral there is spectacular. Plus, Palma's night life can only be rivaled with that on Ibiza (so I'm told ). You could get to Mallorca by ferry from Barcelona but I don' know who long the ride is.

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