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    I caught a FISH!!!!!!!!

    So......TBone and I have started to go fishing on a regular basis. It's we both love to eat fish and this way we can eat for FREE .

    So there we are, my second trip and his third. He's caught about 6 small bass that he has to throw back in (not big enough to keep). And I'm just hanging out thinking.....when the hell and I going to catch ANYTHING?! And then it happened.....a BITE! I'm yelling....Terry! Terry! Come quick!! Then I see it.......A RAINBOW TROUT!!!! 13 inches. It was SO EXCITING. My FIRST FISH! A KEEPER!

    We ate it a couple days later - it was so delicious. We did an Almond Crusted recipe and made Hush Puppies to go along with it. It was awesome.

    Check it out!
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