Feb 7-8, 2004:
Drove into Mammoth Friday night with white stuff falling from the sky. Saturday was awesome! Had too much fun Saturday night and wasn't feeling well Sunday, but still got over 5 hrs of riding in.

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Didn't make it to Mammoth Superbowl weekend, but they got 19" new snow on Monday.
Was in Death Valley backpacking.


January 24-25, 2004:
It was hardpacked all over. Hard to keep an edge, but if you could find a little wind blown the ride was good. A lot of people sliding from the top. Watched one snowboarder eat it at the top, slid all the way down head first, barely missing the rocks. It was scary.

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January 17-18, 2004
Another fun weekend, even with the crowds! Great conditions, great weather, and great friends!

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January 10-11, 2004:
It was a bluebird weekend! Temps were warmer than over the holidays, and we were shedding layers. Light wind, clear skies, and great snow!

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