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    Question Is my board too big?

    I was at SkiDazzled in LA, CA. I was looking at boards and was taking notes on the ones I liked, but at the end of the night and a couple of Coronas later, most of my choices were gone. So, I got seduced by some cool graphics, (deep colors and tribal theme and a local company called "Tweaked"). Totally, totally different from the pasel "chick stick" I have been riding.

    So, my new one is a 145, twin, with about a 10 1/2 in waist.

    I am 110 lbs. at the most and wear a size six boot. I have taken it out with those straight ride discs and I can control it OK, but the discs are so thick and heavy, it is hard for me to feel when the terrain is changing. Obviously, I need to take those things off.

    So, should I be riding a 142 if I want to start playing in the park?

    What do you think, Mark? Anyone? Please, comments would be tres' helpful.



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    At 110lbs you'll be fine on a 145 out there. Width wise, make sure that you're boot's toe/heel go at least past the board's edges by 1/4", preferably more like 1/2"-3/4". I don't know if you mean it is a true twin or directional twin. If it's a true twin then it won't carve great, but will be a little easier to ride fakie on.

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    I love my board!

    I'm ~107 lbs, size 5 boot, and ride a 151. But I don't play in the park, mostly runs from the top.

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