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    hey everyone

    still riding - the rider formerly known as dismantler here.

    Teaching at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, IN. Reached level 1 AASI certification, don't see much point in going further, since I'm still mostly into freeriding. Been an instructor 4 years now.

    If anyone has moved to the midwest, feel welcome to come out and join us. we have some snow left, in spite of the warm weather and rain.

    Still riding a BMC 166 with Salomon Malamutes and some crappy, flexxy Burton Custom bindings. Would love to upgrade to a race carve hardboot setup, but finances won't permit on a snowboard instructor salary.

    Bye, ted

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    Hey Ted, good to hear from ya. Congrats on the teaching...

    Not much action around here lately, the boards kinda been left for dead...

    As for the gear, yah, just keep your eyes open. Haven't checked in lately, but there are usually some great deals on used gear on the Bomber online site. I picked up some used cateks for $50 a couple years back, along with some decent hardboots with thermofit liners. I prefer a softcarve setup myself though.. Malamutes and some solid ride bindings...

    Take it easy!

    - Greg

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    good 2 hear from

    Caiteks for $30?!? Lucky dog. I'm hoping to get a Volkl Renn-tiger GS (used - found one for $275). I never find good deals on bindings & boots, they always seem so pricey. One of the other instructors had a pair of Burton Reactors & burton step-in plates a few years back, I spent some time riding them on my BMC 166 and also on his (late 90's) Burton Alp Asym 157 board. I liked them better on my freeride board.

    On the cert side, I'm only AASI level 1 right now. I like where I work at, but we share space with ski (and I do emphasize SKI) patrol. Too much politics, plus most of the patrollers at PNS are old-school, and both like and remember when PNS didn't allow snowboarding.

    I might take Jackson Hole up on their old offer to teach there (where I went to camp). I would really miss my kids though...

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    Didn't you previously live in like GA ot FL or somemwhere and then you moved to the mid-west?

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