Hi, new to site, really joined because I'm also new to boarding - doing ok but live in United Kingdom and only get to board 1 -2 times per year.

Want to buy my own boots and board. Question is, which binding s are best. I have used clip ins, dead easy and quick to get on and off, but all the guys that look goodat boarding seem to use strap ins. I generally just free ride, little jumps and stuff, carving and downhill etc.

Oh, and although I've tried off-piste a while back I was rubbish until this year when we had loads and loads of overnight snow and all the slopes were knee deep in powder most of mornings. I managed really well, weight more on back foot, and turned well enough - second question is, is that similar to off-piste boarding. Might have lessons next time cos i really want to go off piste.

Appreciate any help, thank you