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    What's the deal on Ride's "waxless" bases?

    So now I'm looking at picking up a Timeless 168 for my powder days. Those ST's look nice, but a little too specialized. Not that it's any big deal, but are Ride's new bases really waxless, or is it more like you just don't have to wax as often?
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    Well, the deal is they are not waxless. At least Ride's "Fusion" series of bases on the high end stuff. It's still a sintered base, just has a ton of pretty hard cold temp wax in it. So, it'll go longer before needing a refresh of wax, but not forever...

    As for that being a good pow stick, I think so.. I like mine in the pow, and the newer ones are a bit more forgiving than mine, so that should do well for you... And the nice thing is, when you hit the hardpack there is no loss in performance. It'll hold all you can throw at it when on edge and in the steeps... Nice having something you can trust when conditions turn from pow to oww! Think wind swept bulletproof ice right above that nice powder bowl.

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