24 hours
Just got finished watching this on TV and yes I am one of those "stupid people" who will go out and buy 24 hours seasons 1-7 dvd boxset tomorrow. 24 hours Seasons 1-7 will go down as one of the premiere seasons in the 24 hours dvd history. Maybe, from start to finish, the best since 24 hours seasons 1-7 dvd boxset. After a lackluster Season 6 of 24 hours 1-7 dvd , I think it was safe to say that the writers and producers of the 24 hours 1-7 had a clear opportunity to start over and start fresh. And they did. What we got was a smart, tight, and extraordinarily acted season with the same raging action and plot twists but still with a different feel to it.Till now,I've watched every episode of 24 hours Seasons 1-7when it aired on TV, including the season finale of 24 hours dvds.