Prospect Snowboards</a> isn't in every snowboarder's daily vocabulary and we don't have a problem with that. Being a non-corporate anti establishment board company, I guess you can say our marketing isn't awesome. Well... our commitment to making amazing snowboards is awesome. While we aren't interested in corporate subculture that comes with being a mainstream snowboard manufacturer it doesn't mean the industry isn't recognizing what makes Prospect rad.
The New Kid in Town
Prospect as an up and coming board company is getting tons of leverage from people and industry publications because of our &quot;by snowboarders for snowboarders&quot; core culture. Coverage on, by the SoCal Skate/Snow crew, and shows our company is winning the favor of core industry players. Among the the best programs going in snowboarding is Prospect's Design Co-op which lets snowboarders and businesses design their own custom boards. Our Co-op gives designers real access to getting their designs published without paying a fortune for an individual custom board. So far, the Co-op has made custom boards for Honey Goat Brewery and Adrenaline Power Sports for the 09/10 season.

Prospect's board construction is also a constantly evolving machine to assure our boards take the beating you dish. Our 2 year warranty proves there is no doubt about the quality of our boards, but innovation with rubber dampening, bamboo sidewalls, seamless edges, and re-engineered carbon placements gives Prospect decks a super smooth ride and consistent flex. Also, our "Tangent tech" reverse camber snowboard is an amazing park and powder deck. The real secret; our convex base. If you want a base that rides super smooth in the powder and doesn't catch on rails in the park you'll never be disappointed. If tech isn't your concern, our "Vitality" line carries the best of both worlds: Built for lighter riders and urban riding the Vitality line yells fun.

Other projects coming out of the Prospect development lab demonstrate our values for hand crafted goods. Our newest Project, screen printed Logo T-shirts are made by hand will killer comfortable shirts and no 2 are exactly the same. And last, but no least, our newest product, Prospect Graphite Snowboard Wax makes you board lightning fast in all conditions. It works by conducting electricity to minimize friction with the surface of the snow. Absolutely genius and made with environmentally friendly ingredients.

So here is our newest announcement the 2009 Prospect "Tweaked Trick Competition"; Winners walk away with a Prospect Grab bag and an Interview with Prospect. Here is what you need to do; send us a short vid of your favorite trick tweaked out and oozing with rad style. Weather throwing a double cork, a Backside Boardslide, or a 180, it matters less than how insanely steezy you can make it look.

Online Orders

We are adding inventory as it comes in. All boards and soft goods are available for order and should be available for delivery. Check out our latest special!