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    New Freeride Board... Nitro, Salomon, Never Summer, advice please!

    Hi there,
    I'm planning on buying a new board... Have an advice for a Canadian Rider (wich means that there is not much powder... but more icy conditions...)?

    I'm an advanced rider... want to push the limits of my carving, there is not that much powder in QC... I'm looking for the best freeride board in your opinion. I'm 5'8 150 lbs.

    I was looking at the :
    A) Salomon - Burner
    B) Nitro - Pantera
    C) Never Summer - Titan

    What do YOU think?
    Thanks in advance...


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    I'm not familiar with the Nitro Pantera... But, for just speed and carving, I would go with the Salomon myself. The burner is fast, stiff, with a mellow sidecut allowing for higher speed carves before the edges want to dig in too much...

    Honestly, if I was looking to do a lot of carving on ice/hardpack I'd look at one of Lib Tech's boards with magna traction... That tech is real... Had the pleasure of riding an original magnatraction board up in Whistler... Actually had to think about getting the edge to release and slide instead of carve sometimes...

    The NS - Titan is solid and can handle everything well too, but it's a little more "all around". Slightly softer, but still a responsive ride... Definitely more of a continental board than an ice-coast board...

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