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    SOS, another day...

    Another day at Kirkwood.... If I didn't like riding here so much, I'd really hate riding here so much... Management doesn't like giving you much info on the phone regarding conditions, capacity, etc... And what they do give you seems mixed with B.S. half the time. Anyway, they blew a generator at the resort Saturday... Place was shut down Sunday due to "weather" they said, but turns out it was mostly due to their power issues. They got things back up and running with limited capacity eventually, but didn't let anyone know the full scoop...

    Good news is they will be at least discounting peoples tickets if they bring in their stubs from this last Sunday or Monday... Half day price.. better than nothing I supposed... Still, they need to get their $#!t worked out..

    Now, some pics snapped during the day... Yes, the dreaded east winds are back... so the nice light powder that was there today, will be gone tomorrow... Fun while it lasted... OH, and check out my mad purple and red gorilla steez in the last pick... Honestly, at one point in the jump I had my grab on... ;)
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