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    Couple shots from the weekend...

    After multiple delays, finally got a half day of riding in at Kirkwood Sunday. Eastbound 88 was closed all weekend, and didn't open until today. All access was through South Lake Tahoe or Nevada via 50 and 89... 50 was opening and closing through the weekend, making it tough to get through that way. Sunday, westboard 88 was closed until 11:30am... For the first 3 hours, only the locals there got to play on the freshies...

    We arrived a few minutes after 12:00, along with 50 or so other cars that had been waiting at the pass... Cornice was pretty tracked out, but the "The Wall" had not yet opened. So, a chance for freshies there... Woohoo!

    Storm total through this morning, although all but about 4" fell by the end of the day yesterday... 100 - 132 inches.... Not bad for Thursday through Sunday... A lot of wind accompanied some of this snow, so it didn't stay soft and fluffy everywhere, but it was soft and fluffy in many places... The rest was just good 'ol couple feet of medium density powder... If you wanted chest deep, you had to look for it a bit harder... Waist deep was pretty common in the upper chutes and trees, kneed deep was everywhere else except the wind blown ridgelines... And this is on a 178 swallowtail with a 185lb rider. Smaller boards and heavier riders would enjoy some deeper shots... Never mind what those two plankers were wallowing in..

    Anyway, the main thing about this storm is it finally allowed some of the steeper lines to get filled in... A few people dropped Once is Enough for the first time this season I believe... Nice line... Anyway, good times were had. Finally getting the legs used to boarding again....

    Couple photos from the day... Trying to get back up on Wednesday after another 12-18" come in Tuesday.
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