Looks like Cali is going to get some weather starting tomorrow, peaking Friday/Saturday, and a bit into Sunday... I think this will help the thin base issues a bit...

Jan 03, 2008

Hi 40f / 30f (base/top)
Lo 24f / 20f (base/top)

Sky Condition:
Partly cloudy and windy, becoming mostly cloudy by afternoon. Scattered snow showers develop in the evening and overnight. Precipitation:
Snow likely by evening and overnight.
Snow Potential
4 to 7 inches of accumulation.
Increasing to S/ SW at 20 - 30 gusts to 45mph (gusts to 55mph above 9,000 feet).

Jan 04, 2008

Hi 36f / 27f (base/top)
Lo 26f / 19f (base/top)

Sky Condition:
Cloudy with heavy snow during the day and through overnight. Heaviest totals are expected overnight. Snow levels start near 7,500 feet, dropping quickly to 6,000 feet. Blowing and drifting snow develops. Precipitation:
Heavy snow likely.
Snow Potential
30 to 36 inches of accumulation.
S/ SW at 20 - 35 gusts to 55mph (gusts to 85mph above 9,000 feet).

Jan 05, 2008

Hi 28f / 20f (base/top)
Lo 17f / 10f (base/top)

Sky Condition:
Cloudy and colder with winds still strong but dropping off a bit, and snowfall continuing. Precipitation:
Snow likely.
Snow Potential
18 to 24 inches of accumulation.
SW at 20 - 30 gusts to 45mph (gusts to 75mph above 9,000 feet).

Jan 06, 2008

Hi 17f / 8f (base/top)
Lo 7f / -1f (base/top)

Sky Condition:
Mostly cloudy and much colder, with snow levels running around 2000 feet. Mostly light snow continues through the day. Precipitation:
Snow likely.
Snow Potential
3 to 5 inches of additional accumulation.
Becoming W at 10 - 20 gusts to 30mph (gusts to 50mph above 9,000 feet in the morning).

What doesn't blow away, should be nice... I'll be trying to get to Kirkwood Sunday, but avy conditions may make it tough. Going to try to drive to South Lake Saturday night via 50, then try our luck with Kirkwood in the morning if they can get the roads clear.. If not, who knows.. Just might have to call in sick Monday...