I want to give the Palmer PLS a try this year. The ability to put more power to the edges and hopefully get lower into a carve before booting out sounds like fun.

I am also getting a new board. I wanted a new Timeless but Ride stopped making that model this year. The replacement, the Concept TMS, is just slightly narrower. With my feet at 11.5, narrower is not good. I have been riding a 161 Timeless and I am definitely pushing it feet size-wise.

I am considering trying to find last year's Timeless 168. If not that one, this year's Yukon in either 164 or 168. Either way, I am still interested in giving those Palmer PLS a try.

Question to the forum is if the risers, if you have tried the Palmers, are any good? I suspect I would not need risers for toe hang concerns on the Yukon but the Timeless, toe hang is a bit of a challenge for me but my main reason is to hopefully carve harder with the Palmer risers.