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    Boreal- All mountain Park

    Unfortunately while we where at Boreal it was dumping, which made getting photos hard, but its hard not to be excited while it's snowing. We got to spend the afternoon into the night under the lights at the resort. Boreal is located at the top of Donner Pass and is the closest resort to I-80 in the Sierras, and an easy drive from the Bay Area. With only being about 10 minutes out of Truckee it is also easy to find a place to stay and get some food after a sweet session under the lights.

    With five parks with offerings to all levels of riders, this is the place to tune your skills and make the steps to the next size park.
    No matter what level rider you are you can still have fun in the Mini Shred Park. Accessed off the either Nugget or Gunnar's chair this entry level park has a ride on flat rail, four banked turns, ten cool roller and a 10' table jump to top it off.
    Once you've got you confidence up from working on you basic park steez, it's worth checkin' out the Kidz X Park of Gunnar's and Claimjumper chair. Kidz X has a variety of melow jibs and jumps: A 15' and two 20' flat rails, a 20' flat box, 15' and 20' step downs, two rollers and a stall wall.
    If you think you've got your jibbin' skills worked out, you should make your way over to the Core Park. This is where the saggin, bandanas, and nose presses go for days. Off the 49er chair you will find a 32' down rail, a 40' up flat down rail, a 32' flat rail, and a 8'x10' wallride. They were saying something about a tree ride to but we'll just have to wait and see.
    Since you just can't get enough of this place, it's time to expand your horizons and get out to the Lost Dutchman chair to get jibassic in the Shred Park. Along with a ripper Boardercross course with big banked turns and kickers, you'll find a mini step on step off, a snow butter pad, the Checker Board (you'll have to come to find out what that is) all on your way into, a 24' flat rail, a 32' down rail, a 40' down rail, a 30' C-box right to left, a 30 foot C-box left to right, a 40' S-box and all sorts of other jibable features.

    With all the fresh snow the Super Pipe definity wasn't prime, but when it's freshly cut and the weather's right this thing goes off!

    As of right now the Pipe is open from 9am to 3pm due to the weather, but keep checking back cause it should be open for the night session soon!

    If you're still alive from a day of thrashing or you like to sleep in, Boreal keeps the Night Rider Park lit up till 9pm. Just because it is under the lights doesn't mean it's any less sick either. Night Rider is accessed off The Accellerator Express Quad, which is the fastest way to the summit, and is jam packed with feature for the flight hearted. The Planet Earth staircase (30 steps, single barrel down rail or down ledge)

    Liberty s-rail

    A 50' step down jump,
    The Planet Earth staircase (30 steps, down flat down ledge with banister rails or down ledge)

    A 36' flat up flat box

    A 32' flat down box

    A 30' flat box

    Two 30' table jumps

    A 36' up flat down box

    A 30' step down, a 45' step up to step down jump, and a 32' flat rail all under the light till late at night.

    Lifts start at $42 for adults, but if your under 18 you get to save some money; $39.
    For more on Boreal and the current conditions go to
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