Don't believe the Hype?

Seems pretty cool, I always like to see inovation in any sport. I now seen Magne-Traction skis and snowboards, they are popping up way more on the slopes too.

Replaces “two contact point ski theory” . Conventional skis and snowboards have two contact points. Our Magne-Traction boards have seven! Seven is more than two. With Magne-Traction, when your two outside contact points lose grip, you’ve still got five more to take over. You won’t fall as much. Rides like a skateboard. Control and turn initiation come from under your feet, not a foot and a half to either side of your feet. Better edge hold. Climbs icy pipes! Turns ice into powder!
Dark Series, Travis Rice, Magne-Traction Series, TRS, Box Scratcher, Snowskates, Cygnus X1, Mullet. " -

The statement ice to powder is definitely a bold one, but if it truth who wouldn't want that?

I know you've got one Nieto, Tell us whats up!