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    Everest Peace Project Newsletter - February 2007

    More exciting updates: Our documentary film Everest: A Climb for Peace is moving along and we have an extensive update...we also have a wonderful "Virtual Everest" video clip to show. And we are proud to announce that the EPP has funded another library for children in Nepal!
    EPP Documentary Film Update
    Although there have been some small setbacks with the timing, things are moving forward with the film and we are still shooting for a spring release.

    We feel blessed (and we are) - with the endorsement from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and this has motivated us even more to finish the film and make a truly great and inspirational documentary.

    Filmmaker Billy Marchese of Dezart Cinematic has the entire film in his hands and in the process of putting it together. He is now going over the many hours of footage from the expedition and from the Middle East.

    To learn more, please click here...
    EPP Funds Another Library for kids in Nepal
    The Everest Peace Project is proud to announce that through its educational partner "Room to Read" - ( we have funded another library/reading room for needy children in Nepal. This is the second library that we have helped bring into existence.

    To learn more, please click here...

    Sponsor and Donate
    To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please click on the photo. To donate online, please go to our donation page.

    From EPP Film: "Virtual Everest" Video Clip
    We have some amazing footage from our incredible climb, but we wanted to give the viewers of our film extra. We wanted to add more interesting and unique views and layers of Mt. Everest, and to show visuals never seen before - images not possible with a camera; but how you ask? The answer is through 3D animation - a "virtual Everest".

    To view the short animation piece that will be included in our upcoming film, please click here.

    "It's through actions of peace that peace is spread". Please help The Everest Peace Project promote a global community and help sew the seeds of peace and understanding. Get involved!


    Lance Trumbull
    The Everest Peace Project

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