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    ArctiX Applicants

    PRESS RELEASE, 10th February

    Nissan ArctiX applicants

    The sign up period for Nissan ArctiX ended in the end of January. Since the sign up was opened up in 27th December 143 riders from all over Europe as well as US and Canada sent in their applications, hoping to become one of the chosen 32 who will receive an invitation to the event.

    Quite a few of the applicants are at the top of the game, and can easily be described as the best riders in the world. Among the group of "ArctiX wannabes" there is for example couple of previous Verbier Xtreme winners, a TAC winner, a Snow Thrill winner and World Extreme Skiing champion, Olympic medallist and quite a few other well established professional freeriders. There is also a whole bunch of less known, but nonetheless very good riders, who are hoping to get a chance to challenge the current champions of the sport.

    The complete list of applicants can be checked out at the Riders section of the event website at

    The Nissan ArctiX organization is going through all the applications and the decisions will be made by the end of this month.

    Nissan ArctiX

    Nissan ArctiX is an international invitational freeride contest that will be organized for the first time during the Easter 2007 in Tamok, which is part of Norwegian Lapland, and is located some 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. The event has a unique format with a waiting period of 8 days, during which, weather permitting, the riders will is visit three different
    mountains, on which they can do as many runs as they want. The venues of the event are deep in the arctic back-country and they will be reached with the help of a fleet of snowmobiles, and the riders will be lifted to the top of contest mountains by helicopter. The chosen venues of the contest are big and steep: the highest runs riders can expect to do are more than 1000 metres high, with mandatory 45+ degree pitches. Due to the
    size and difficulty of the venues, Nissan ArctiX is likely the most challenging freeride competition on the planet.

    Tamok Lapland

    The area in which the event takes place, Tamok Lapland, is filled with fjells, mountains and peaks, that are best described as Alaskan style. During average winters Tamok also receives a lot of snow, the thickness of the snow pack in the Tamok valley is easily two metres by Easter time. Like in the rest of Europe this winter has been quite bad for Tamok, too,
    but still the snow pack in the valley floor is already close to 150 cm thick, and twice that or even more higher up in the mountains.

    The area is located on the border of maritime and continental climate zones and it enjoys benefits of both: Tamok receives a lot of snow that sticks to very steep slopes, but extended periods of stable, nice weather are just as frequent.


    Jarkko Henttonen


    JJ ja Ode: Jarkko-Juhani Henttonen and Osku "Ode" Siivonen, the organizers of the event atop Hahttavarri in Tamok

    Russetinden lounaisseinämä: The South West face of Lilla Russetinden, one of the planned contest venues

    SkiDoo: a snowmobile in Finnskarder in nice snow

    heli 3: a chopper taking of from the summit of Mt Rosta

    all pictures by Aadne Olsrud
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