Loaded up the Subi with boards and good company and head to Sugar Bowl Saturday. No Snow on the road, no ice in the parking lot, and no lines at the lifts.

It was spring riding in february and it was actually pretty sweet. You usually find me on the slopes while its snowing or trying to get freshies on 2ft of new, and never really in the park. On saturday I spent the whole day taking runs through the park, because the conditions were perfect. The snow was soft and slushy, and it also helps that Sugar Bowl has a new park build straight out of Jackson Hole. That's right, JP Martin has done an awesome job making the park fun for all levels of riders.

Once you slide you way off the Mt. Judah Express Quad you can make you way over to the Buena Vista step downs to start your run out right. They are about 15-18 ft long with long landing transitions, and speed inbetween like the were built for each other. They are followed up with four rollers across the traverse into the Coldstream Park. At the top of Coldstream you will find a 25ft kicker with a hip option followed by a curve box to the right and a flat to down box. At this point in your run you are comfronted with the bitter reality of you skill level. Either you can be humble and go left into the Golden Gate Park where the jumps and jibs are melow, or you can head right and point it straight 'cause you are going to need some speed for the next few jumps. If you chose to stay in Coldstream your next feature is a 45ft kicker with a 15ft lip. If you're a man this is where you bust out all you moves and wrangle yourself a lady, or if your like me, you'd better focus and through the meanest straight air grab you are capible of. I saw a lot of dudes rollin the windows down off this one too. If you land it clean and carry your speed you are set up perfect for three 35ftrs in a row. So much flow. If get jib nasty is your thing shut it down and get to the right, because all of the crazy things you ever wanted to slap your stick on are there. They have down rails, down boxes, double kinks, they even have a tree with a bank up to it. Once you thought you've had enough, there are two more 30ft tables jumps and quarter to quarter box with a barrel on top.

The park at Sugar Bowl plus the conditions, took my riding to the next level. I spun my first three's on park jumps there and did some jibs I thought were beyond my reach. The different terrain helped me progress from Golden Gate to Coldstream in the afternoon. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you aren't usually a park shark.


Sorry no good photos from the day. Have some funny ones from the parking lot though.. Later.