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    Princeton Tec Apex Pro and Tactical Quad

    Princeton Tec’s Apex Pro Delivers a Durable, Lightweight and Powerful Light Designed for Professional Adventurers

    - Fast and Light is the Name of the Game for Refined Apex Model

    Trenton, NJ – For professional athletes and adventurers around the world who need an extremely lightweight, durable, reliable and powerful headlamp and for whom our most powerful, top of the line Apex isn’t enough, we created the Apex Pro. Weighing in at only 173g with its two CR123 lithium batteries, more than 100g lighter than the equally powerful Apex, the Apex Pro is designed for professionals but perfect for any weight-conscious athlete searching for a high-powered headlamp.

    Casting a powerful 60 Lumen beam at the highest setting of its five modes, and a burn time of 35 hours in its lowest, the Apex Pro’s four Ultrabright LEDs or center 3Watt Maxbright LED provide a wide-angle, close-range light, or an intense beam of long-range light, depending on user need. Switching between modes is simplified by the headlamp’s dual switch system, which allows independent control of the Maxbirght and Ultrabright LEDs.

    Proprietary heatsink technology provides more surface area to dissipate heat, allowing the Apex Pro to burn longer and brighter, and a durable, watertight and lightweight battery compartment keeps its power supply safe from the elements. The Apex Pro retails for $90.

    Where lightweight is a must, ultimate power and function are in demand and durability is an expectation, we introduce you to the Apex Pro.

    Princeton Tec Gets Tough with Tactical Version of Lightweight Quad Headlamp

    - New Tactical Quad Provides Light Filter Options in Tried and Tested Lightweight, Durable and Waterproof Package

    Trenton, NJ – Aiming to meet the highly specialized needs of outdoors sportsmen and the US military, Princeton Tec, leading manufacturer of headlamps, handheld lights and bike lights, is releasing a tactical version of the popular Quad headlamp for 2007. The new Tactical Quad augments the original Quad’s lightweight and durable design with three interchangeable lens covers which filter the four Ultrabright, regulated LEDs into red, blue or green light, allowing the light to be employed for specialized uses such as tracking or with night vision equipment.

    Weighing only 103 grams with three AAA batteries installed, the Tactical quad is an incredibly light regulated-LED headlamp. The light’s four Ultrabright LEDs are incased in a tough waterproof housing capable of surviving severe impacts and water submersions of up to one meter, and provide up to 150 hours of burn time.

    In the highest of the Tactical Quad’s four settings the LEDs cast a 21 lumens beam, wide enough for general illumination while also bright enough for focused activities such as searching and tracking. The Tactical Quad retails for $39.99.

    Weight conscious users will love that the Tactical Quad’s sophisticated circuitry allows for the use of lithium AAA batteries, which reduce the weight of the headlamp to 82 grams, perform even in extremely cold temperatures and provide significantly increased burn times. Equipped with regulated LEDs that maintain constant brightness for as long as the batteries have sufficient charge and a battery power meter, the Tactical Quad is an affordable, durable and reliable light for extremely demanding users.

    About Princeton Tec: Since 1975, Princeton Tec's goal has been to support the outdoor community by building lighting products for the people who use them. Our products are designed to enhance all outdoor activities, crossing the boundaries from scuba and water sports; to camping and backpacking; to snow sports; alpine sports and road biking. For more information on Princeton Tec, visit

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