Or maybe I'm just getting old. Or maybe I just had an acid flashback. Not sure, but I just got back from a local Peter Glenn ski/snowboard shop and OMG what the hell is going on with snowboard fashion??? Did Adam Ant's tour bus collide with a short-bus full of pastel clowns?? I swear, I've never seen such ugly clothing. And I live in a part of town where fake fur, huge Tupac paintings on acid-washed jean ensembles and gold chains the size of sausage links are de rigeur.


Snowboard fashion used to be cool. I guess it was too cool and got co-opted by the ski fashion world, cuz now their gear is looking better (imho) than ours. well except for the one piece suits. But I'm sure Burton is working on a snake-skin patterned one, with matching fanny pack.