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    Union - Airblaster Inverter

    Overtaken by style, I decided to go with the Airblaster Inverter model. Each binding is assembled with random parts from bins of "Airblaster Certified" colors. There are no two binding identicle and I thought that was pretty cool. When I actually decided to pull the trigger at MiloSport in Lafayette, they pulled out every set of medium/larges they had and said, "Pick whatever ones you want, just be sure to have a right and a left."

    Setting up my Airblasters was an easy task. Everything is easily adjusted, and most of the setting came out of the box ready to go. One interesting feature is the mounting discs are slotted so you can easily run them on a standard bolt patern or a Burton three bolt.

    The Airblasters are based off the design of the Force binding. With many of the same key features: Stage II lifetime warranty base, Stage II highback, 2 layer eva foam staps with convertable cap strap, extruded aluminum heel cup, and Purathane bushings to soak up vibrations and prevent dead spots in your boards flex.

    The differences between the Force and Airblaster Inverters are the buckles and the styling. The Airblaster colors are definitely one way to stand out of the crowd on the mountain if you are into that type of thing. The straps have custom airblaster disign, along with the pading on the base plate and highback. The ABI's also come with special edition "AirPill" aluminum buckles.

    I spent all day sunday on my new Airblaster Inverters hiking on Donner Pass. Since we were just hitting kickers this ment straping in and out a lot. I found that the AirPill buckles struggled with snow packing under the buckle levers and freezing. This caused my buckles to stick straight out, not causing any functional issues, just bothered me because they weren't flush. The Force buckle have a different design and would probably be more suited for the conditions. The AirPill buckles would be fine in the park or on day of riding the lifts.
    Aside from the buckle issue, once you are strapped in I rate this binding up there with the best the as far as board feel, response, and comfort go. I haven't done an actually weight comparision to other bindings but I would say they are more on the heavy side, but in construction they are more on the durable side.

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    These is one of the great inverter model in all these there are so many things which is really very great. The Force buckle have a different design and would probably be more suited for the conditions.
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