I have been riding the Von Zipper Bushwick Goggles for a full season, and now I am ready to state my opinon.

My initial impression of the Bushwick was good. I was impressed by the styling and construction. Von Zipper offers the same sweet frames in multiple color ways and strap combos, so you can totally customize your kit, and you are way less likely to see someone else on the mountain with the same specs as you! When styling and function fuse, a great product emerges.

On The Hill:
First thing I noticed when I put on my Bushwicks was the great feel from the strap. The band gave a great fit and was easily adjusted. Simple and sweet. These goggles managed to stay on my head through multiple wrecks, which mean no snow on the lens. Just in case they do come off though, Von Zipper issues two sets of lenses with their Bushwick, in my case a crome tinted and a yellow for low light. I found that in the morning it was sweet to have my cromies for the early light and as the sun sunk into the trees my goggles were usually full of white and fluffy, so it was nice to be able change out to some dry ones. The Bushwick come with a stylie cloth case as well, that works perfect for mid mountain wipes.
I rode the Bushwicks through all conditions; Rain, Snow, Bluebird, Overcast. Not only did have multiple lens help manage the conditions, but they had awesome ventilation in all conditions and risisted fogging very well. They have a pretty large fit, which can make them look big on some heads, but the large air volume between your sweaty face and the lens is a huge contributor to how well they keep clear.

Day after day the strap has stayed taught, the lenses have resisted scratching, and the foam is just as comfortable and sweat wicking as the first day.

I have been extremely pleased with my Von Zipper Bushwick Goggles and would recomend them to anyone, and am eager to get my hands on a set of the new Feenoms.