Hi guys I've been riding a solomon fastback 163 for the past few years and it's starting to get tired.

Im a bigger guy, 250lbs and a size 12.5 foot. I generally ride all over the mountain and like to do everything, but my biggest passion is hitting the trees and fresh pow. I like to play off little kickers and consider myself a bit more technical a carver that has more fun on natural terrain features and stunts than park riding.

The fastback I've been on seems a bit too stiff for my liking, it takes a TON of effort to olie due to being so stiff. It also absorbs the frozen sierra cement chunk and chatter terribly because it's so stiff. It's super stable and fast on the long groomers, but I find that it's too narrow for my boots and I often drag toe and heel, even running palmers riser plates.

What extrawide board do you guys suggest for my riding style, without considering price.