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    Why Go Snowboarding?

    Hello, i am writing a leaflet for college, and i wanted to hear from experience why you go snowboarding or skiing.
    So in posts below can u answer these questions, this would really create insight for me thankyou

    1. Whats the No.1 thing that makes you go snowboarding / skiing
    2. What is the No.1 reasion other people should get involved

    Please try to answer diffeerntly to each question cheers ;)

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    1. Good question... For a number 1 reason, completely emersive fun, that allows me to unwind and relax while pumping me up and giving me a rush. Like a good drug. It's the whole package of being away from the city, getting a work out, being challenged, sense of accomplishment when you pull off something new, adrenaline rush when you push yourself, sleep well from total exhaustion at the end of a full day, clean air, beautiful scenery, hangout with friends, etc, etc....

    2. Other people shouldn't get involved unless I give them a personal invitation. I'm selfish and don't want to share my pow with others if I don't have to. just kidding... I'm not going to tell someone they should try it for any reason. If they feel there is something else they want in life, and this interests them, then yah, go for it. But I'm not going to preach the gospel of snowboarding to anyone that doesn't already want to hear it.

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    My 2 cents...

    1. When I ride with my family. Usually we have 3 generations out on the slopes and it is so nice to see my 2 girls interacting with their Granddad. I have fun sitting on the chair talking with the girls. We sometimes have discussions that only occur on the chair. I feel real close to them when we ski/ride.

    2. Physical activity. I get home from a day on the slopes and I'm bonked.

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    1. Its simply a physical activity that I enjoy, like basketball or fishing. The diversity of things I can do while "snowboarding" itself is vast, from freeriding, riding trees, freestyle in the park, etc. It is also a great activity to share with friends.

    2. I dont see the need to gather others to get involved - I like to introduce friends to it, and if they like it, help them out through the learning process.

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