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    Smile Tahoe Didn't Suck - 3/3 through 3/5

    Okay, I didn't take many photos, and definitely no real action shots... I'll add them later.. Conditions were supper sweet Friday at Sugar Bowl but a little stormy. Couldn't ride ungroomed intermediate runs because the snow was too deep... Bad news when you can't get point it straight down a run on 178 swallowtail without wallowing... When it's deep, go steep!

    Unfortunately the wife got a bit spooked in the waist+ deep snow at first so we had a slow start to the day until she had a chance to get more comfortable with it. Didn't help that we got stuck imediately in the deep stuff off the first chair. Oh well, my bad... I made the mistake of letting her ride my 167 Timeless, and well, she loved it but it tired her out a bit faster than usual.

    Saturday hit Alpine Meadows and it was quite nice... Some tracked, some not. Sun changed some of the blower snow from the day before to just good old Sierra pow leaving us with some fun stuff that wasn't too deep. Little wind buff and ice over the top of the ridges made it interesting on parts of the High Traverse, and a Tele-comp closed Keyhole and some fun stuff there, but much more good stuff was had. Scotts was sweet. Even did the Lakeview to rd outabounds loop once by accident when I got disctracted by cold soft waist deep untracked tree riding... 5-10 minute walk up the road to Sherwood Express and I was back in action... Love that place...

    Evidently Saturday at Kirkwood was the sickest day of the season.. Missed it, but you have to read the following two trip reports from some sick two plankers that hang out there. Link to first TR, second TR is linked in first post. Worth the time to go through them all... These guys don't suck.. Teaser pick:

    Hope you all had a good weekend... It's still dumping in Tahoe off and on this week...

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    Wow, sounds incredible. I'm jealous, all we have are the snow levels dropping to 1000' with feet of snow coming, I guess it's suppose to heavy everyday from tonight till saturday. I guess that will help the 12' base at the parking lot. I dunno, I guess that's ok for all the cliffs & chutes with no very little crowds.Hmmm, guess I bust out the 169, which kind of sucks cause I really want to hike some rails. Ok, that last part is a lie, my first real powder & real big mtn riding for me in along time. I'm very happy for myself,about freaking time after reading all your pow days posts, I need some myself.

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    Summit County sucked 3/3-3/6

    Incredible story and piccys.

    We had temps in the high 40s to low 50s this weekend with no new snow. The snow got sloppy during the day and then froze during the night. the only good snow was found on the groomers. Baby-doll-head-sized chunks of snow were the norm everywhere else. At least it's snowing now with 6-12 inches predicted overnight. They'll need a lot more than that to cover up the crud.

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