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    long time no post

    Howdy folks, it's probably been 9 months or something since I checked out the site. Wow. But the season in back in full swing, and it's the best in recent memory (I've probably had at least 12 powder days this year, and even the non powder days aren't too bad!). My schedule isn't as free, but any COlorado peeps want to hook up in Steamboat, Eldora, or Winter Park, A-basin, etc, I'm out and about at least once during the week and once per weekend.
    Tantrum, I bought a used ERA (I think that's what you ride) and that is one crazy board! Heavy as Oprah, but can handle high speed crust with ease and surprisingly nimble in moguls.

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    Having not ridden Oprah, I wonder how she is in crust and moguls? Or not... Okay, bad visual. Sorry....

    Anyway, glad to hear you've been getting out and riding some of that good stuff this season. Keep looking at the Colorado stats and the snowfall numbers are looking more like west coast numbers, yet it's still your nice continental snow.. Punks!

    I really, really wanted to get out there this year, but no slack from work... Have to settle for my weekend warrior trips to Tahoe. At least the snow here has cooperated enough to line up some decent powder days on weekends. Okay, really only 2-3 powdery weekends, the rest were just sierra cement freshies, which I'll still take over not so fresh icy cruncy crud...

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    You must not have seen the new Oprah...

    She's a bit more svelte now.

    I do ride the ERA and I still dig it. the weight isn't so bad for me as I don't launch myself in the park or pipe. I know what you mean in the moguls as I have been hitting them more this year trying to keep up with my daredevil 7 year old who loves the bumps.

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