Hi everybody, new to the forum and semi-new to boarding (well, pretty damn new). I started last year and in total have gone 5 times(4 times last year, renting each time, and 1 time this year with all my new stuff). Basically from day one of boarding I picked it up right away, most likely because I wakeboard and used to skateboard. Although not perfect, my riding is probably equivalent to someone who's been riding for 2-3 years. Well, I went to an expo this year and picked up all new gear and was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys. Here's my setup:

Board: Salomon Forecast Era 153 (I'm 5'7" 130 lbs)
Bindings: Salomon SP3 Bindings
Boots: Salomon F20 Boots

In total it cost me around $575, where as without the savings it would have come out to about $870, so I saved a good sum of money. I took it out not last weekend but the one before and although it took some getting used to, by the end of the day I was riding pretty well, turning and such with no problem. I even hit the box for the first time ever (on anything- as in never did it on skis, blades, skateboarding, or wakeboarding) and landed it, which although not much, it was an accomplishment for me.

Thanks in advance!