• 06-22-2008
    Summertime, and the living is easy
    How the hell is everyone?

    I think I am finally coming around to this "summer" thing. Hot weather has always been my Kryptonite, and it has been boil-yer-budgies hot here in SoCal the past few days, but...

    Midnight bodysurfing has its charms. Warm water, warm air, creepy-cool purple urban sky overhead...nice.

    What are the rest of you fools doing to stay cool?
  • 07-09-2008
    Hey there sugar blossom.

    Me and the heat are like Tommy Lee and Pamela's boobs. I always look forward to it being presented to me, but I soon remember all the bad things that come along with it.

    Okay, maybe not my best metaphor. But, you know, boobs.

    Well, there is NO staying cool in Atlanta this time of year. But that isn't stopping the hell raising.

    Had the world's biggest "mountainboard tiki party" in mid-June: http://trailerparkmountainboarding.w...gory/contests/

    Bought the place last week! So now I own "Atlanta's Favourite Mountainboard Park".

    Been biking back there more than boarding, though. Stupid knee decided to act up after 20 years of jumping up and down on it.

    Still do dumb sh!t and earn my mehugtree name, though!

    And, you know, been blogging. ;)
  • 07-10-2008
    swimming at the beach, thats my way of staying cool
  • 07-21-2008
    mehug, the Trailer Park is looking fantastic. Lots of blood, sweat, tears, and beers have obviously gone into its construction. The photos in your blog tell the story very well, but your words are even more fun.

    Anyhoo: a big ol' beer-clink to you for buying the place. Good thing you did so, lest it otherwise be declared a SuperFund cleanup site (see: beers and sweat, above).

    Your hair is looking spectacular, by the way. Don't change a thing.

    EDIT: Xoote, sorry I posted my reply to mehug under yours...I am a spazz at the internet. But, hell yeah, swimming at the beach is the best.
  • 08-15-2008
    midnight body surfing in LA??

    What's the bigger fear, the sharks or the gangs waiting on shore?!