New Years in Tahoe?

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  • 12-26-2007
    New Years in Tahoe?
    Looks like Tahoe should be getting a little fresh snow to chase out 2007... Anyone heading up there to ride? I'll be up in North Shore Friday through Tuesday... Shouldn't suck...

    Probably will be hitting Alpine on at least one day, and may even venture over to Diamond Peak for my first time. Been riding tahoe for 20+ years and have yet to pay that place a visit. Anyone have some tips for "fun" terrain there? Steeps, Glades, powder stashes, etc... You know, the stuff you aren't supposed to tell anyone about.. ;)

    - G
  • 12-28-2007
    no, but enjoy!!!
    I'm hitting Whistler this weekend.. they've got tons of snow for this early....