• 11-06-2012
    Caribbean Ian
    Woooo boy. Its been a LONG time...
    Well, anyone still here? Reyon? Canuck? Caneria? Anyone?

    Hellooooooooooo Hellllooooo ellloooooo ooooo ooo ooo oo oh.

  • 11-06-2012
    Caribbean Ian
    Oh and what are you all up to? Where are you? What have you been doing?

    I am now an official - EAST COASTER. Sigh. Oh well. And now learning to two plank as I have twin boys (3 1/2) who we have had skiing for a season already! :D Nothing like getting them going young eh?

    Looking forward to catching up with you all after *gulp* 5 years or so?

  • 10-18-2013
    What's up, Ian? I found this old link in my favorites when I switched to Windows7. This place is still dead! Gotta get Canuck and MHT back on the forum. If they come, the ladies will follow.

    You're now East Coast Ian? :p With twins? My oldest is now 15 and in high school. That makes me feel old.

    We got snow overnight and the Colorado resorts are making snow. Got my Copper, Winter Park, and Steamboat pass and I'm ready to shred.