• 01-10-2007
    Cali: jan 24-28th. what up?
    So coming out to Cali on work (Monterrey) and will probably finagle a couple of days to play in the white stuff. My lil bro lives in SF, so that'll be home base I guess. Where will y'all be playin at?

  • 01-11-2007
    Supercross is at At&t park on the 27th... I know I'll be there.
  • 01-12-2007
    Other than that, I'll be up in South Lake for the weekend, most likely riding Kirkwood, but may throw a day in at Heavenly... Still have my 2 for 1 pass there.. (thanks Zumiez)

    So, will you be staying in S.F. and driving down to Monterey for work, or splitting your time between the two?

    Would be cool to make some turns with the legendary MHT. :)

    Keep us posted.. And hopefully we'll get some more snow around here by then. It's been a Colorado winter for us with small light dry snow storms, while Co's been getting hammered with West Coast deep dumps... yet another sign of the impending apocolypse.
  • 01-14-2007
    Yet another sign of the doom day is that it's been 60 degrees this week! I haven't been on the slopes all season yet. WTF?
  • 01-25-2007
    yo, I'll be around sierra and kirkwood this weekend. hit me up at tedladue atthewonderful gmail.com

    please bring snow.

  • 01-26-2007
    It's not looking good for me to make it up there right now... Let me see what I can manage today though... The lack of snow's not helping, but you'll still find plenty of coverage to have fun. It'll just be more like your classic east coast conditions more than anything else... Some pretty big kickers in the park, and a few rails to play on... Just not much to do in the freeriding area...

    I'll get back to you before the end of the day if anything changes for me...
  • 05-01-2008
    thats awesome