Best Ski Proof Lighter?

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  • 09-04-2008
    Best Ski Proof Lighter?
    Hello, does anyone have an opinion on what the best ski proof lighter is. Bics get wet, Windproof butanes get too cold... Is a good ole zippo the best? Is there a waterproof and windproof lighter that works below zero?


  • 02-16-2009
    You could go to a good cigar or pipe tobacco shop & check out what they have to offer.
    or, you could use what I use. A 3X (or greater) magnifying lens on any sunny day in any wind. Never had a problem & never inhaled any fuel vapors or sulphur fumes trying to get it lit. Hope this helps!
  • 05-02-2010
    The Fire One Butane Lighter is best Ski Proof Lighter.The Fire One Butane Lighter provides an extremely windproof flame with a piezo-electric ignition.Refillable gas with built-in fuel gauge and high temperature flame with flame adjuster.White ceramic flame window glows when lighter ignites.