Day 1... Kirkwood...

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  • 12-22-2007
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    Day 1... Kirkwood...
    Finally dusted off the gear and made it to the snow to start my season... Thin base, fluffy stuff on top. Tempting conditions to late it rip, but many, many hidden and not so hidden rocks to take a rip back out of you.

    Rode with Rich, AC, and got a couple turns in with Deepak and his friends.. Sorry we lost you D, we'll definitely have to meet up again for some turns..

    Couple of shots of the day... Hopefull AC won't mind, as he's the subject of a few of them.... Nothing special, upsized, compressed, and missframed for your pleasure...
  • 12-28-2007

    (ok, except for all those rocks)
  • 12-29-2007
    Loverly pics!

    Sadly, those submerged Sierra rocks have taken an early season toll further south at Mammoth. One fatality, many other injuries. Some scary inbounds avis, too. Volatile with care.

    Or travel to Whistler! :-)
  • 01-03-2008
    Nice pics. Tahoe should fill in quite nicely this weekend with those storms.
  • 01-25-2008
    Nice shots!
    but not with the rock photo.
    really love the powder.

    Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back.
    i need some snowboarding apparel with cheap snowboarding brands!
  • 01-28-2008
    [quote=extreme_me]Nice shots!
    but not with the rock photo.
    really love the powder.

    True on the rock shot... That's where a P&S camera's basic metered exposure guesses failed me... Should have either exposed for the snowboarder and left the rest blown out (not my choice) or get a better exposure of the snow and sky, and keep the boarder as a perfect black silhouette against the background... But oh well, didn't happen... ;) No worries...
  • 01-30-2008
    sadly that happens in the sierras, perfect snow one day, 100mph winds then all the rocks are uncovered, as long as you know the terrain your fine, they have enough snow for a good cover now