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    Suunto Training Inside 20 Feb 2007
    New colors arrive for Suunto t-series heart rate monitors

    Fitting your total lifestyle from work to workout, Suunto has added four new colors to its popular line of t-series heart rate monitors. Available this April, the new colors include espresso and polished brick in the Suunto t1, rose in the Suunto t3, and black volcano in the Suunto t4.
    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifPreview the new colors

    Suunto Monitor software upgraded to 1.1.0.

    Designed for fitness classes and team training, Suunto Monitor allows coaches and trainers to display and analyze the real-time heart rates of up to 40 participants simultaneously.

    Heart rate data is wirelessly collected with the help of Suunto Team POD or PC POD, and transmitted to a pc for realtime display and recording. Athletes need to only wear lightweight Suunto heart rate belts.

    Suunto Monitor 1.1.0—a free upgrade—adds new features including user-defined lap markers, which allow trainers to mark different parts of a workout (i.e. offensive or defensive play, warm-up or mid-workout). Suunto Monitor 1.1.0 also makes it easy for trainers to customize the display of workout data to best fit the situation, from spinning class to soccer match.

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifLearn more about Suunto Monitor and download version 1.1.0 from here

    Suunto t4 wins 2007 Runner’s World ispo Award

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl..._ispoaward.gifThe Suunto t4 bested 17 other heart rate monitors to win the Runner’s World Award February 4 at winter ispo 2007, the world’s leading international tradeshow for sporting goods and equipment. Wowed by its fit, functionality and ergonomics, the jury said the Suunto t4 “proves that a successful synthesis of hi-tech and user-friendliness is possible.”

    Much more than a common heart rate monitor, the Suunto t4 features Suunto Coach, an intelligent training advisor that monitors your progress and generates a five-day plan for improving your aerobic condition.

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifRead the whole article

    Work out wisely with the new Suunto Training Guidebook

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...debook_new.gifLooking to get the most from your Suunto t-series heart rate monitor? Check out the new Suunto Training Guidebook, a common sense introduction to heart rate fundamentals, training principles and Training Effect. Replete with sample training programs, the Guidebook will help you achieve your athletic goals with balance and efficiency.

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifDownload the Suunto Training Guidebook

    Meet Suunto Ambassador Nate Galpin

    An early convert to the sport of snowboarding, Nate Galpin made the first World Junior Team at the age of 16 and began competing in the World Cups two years later. Today, at the comparatively ripe age of 30, he’s a snowboardcross specialist on the U.S. Snowboarding Team with multiple X Games invites and two international wins under his parka. Galpin trains both on and off-hill with the Suunto t6, and credits the heart rate monitor with taking his training and performance to the next level.

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifVisit Nate Galpin’s personal page on Suunto.com and watch his video
    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifLearn more about the Suunto t6

    Nordic Combined champion Hannu Manninen takes World Cup lead in Zakopane, Poland

    On February 3, Olympic team gold medalist and three-time World Cup champion Hannu Manninen won the Men’s Individual Mass Start in Zakopane, Poland. A devotee of the Suunto t6, Manninen has been posting his notes and training logs on Suunto.com throughout the season.

    Check out Manninen’s logs and comments after the Nordic World Ski Championships in Sapporo, Japan February 23, 25 and March 3. And stay tuned for his feedback from the World Cup tour after the Championships.

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifSee Hannu Manninen’s Suunto t6 competition logs
    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifVisit his personal page at Suunto Training World

    Suunto Training Survey concludes with final winner

    Congratulations to Kari Lehtiniemi from Jumesniemi, Finland on becoming the final winner of the Suunto Training Survey. Randomly selected from survey participants, Lehtiniemi received an assortment of Suunto and Salomon goodies.

    Suunto would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey for their valuable insights on Suunto training products.

    New Suunto clothing available online at the Suunto Web Shop

    Join Team Suunto with authorized clothing from the Suunto Web Shop. (Available in EU countries only.)

    http://www.suuntocampaigns.com/newsl...ning/arrow.gifBrowse the racks at the Suunto Web Shop www.suunto.com/shop

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