Powder Board Advice?

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  • 12-14-2007
    Powder Board Advice?
    Ok, I'm Looking For A Board That Handles Better In Powder Than The One I've Got. I'm 5'2 And 120lbs. I Usually Ride A 147 Board Any Advice? Suggestions?
  • 12-18-2007
    Good question... I'm honestly not sure what the best "powder" options are for women riders, as their options are a bit different than for guys. You don't see to many "women's powder board reviews" out there. My quick answer, based on my preferences... Go bigger than your normal board by 10cm, softer nose, stiffer/narrow tail.. Key words are Taper or Pintail unless you plan on riding switch a lot in pow.

    Some basic questions to answer before others can give some real quality advice:

    What are you considering as "powder"? How deep, and what's the water content? We talking about average Sierra/Tahoe/West Coast heavier powder, or light to super light continental powder like Colorado or Utah?

    Next, your skill/experience level... How long have you been riding, how many days a season, and what kinda terrain do you usually ride?

    Stance angles and boot size... This affects choice of boards based on their width as well. In powder you don't want as much toe/heel overhang, but you still want to be close enough to the edge to turn and leverage it with heel/toe movements. If the snow is heavier, then a little overhang may still be needed to insure solid/quick turning. Lighter, deeper snow you can go wider and still "finess" the turns...

    And lastly, so we can help the most, post a picture of yourself...
    J/k.... just messin...

    Anyway, maybe a female lurker will jump in and help you out... Hopefully the above questions get you thinking about the kind of board that you'd be interested in...
  • 12-19-2007
    I bought a Burton Malolo this year and love it. Great in powder and even with the taper it's great on groomers. Best board I've ever owned.
  • 04-25-2010
    Nice, clean and well done post. Congratulation. I wondering? You didn't dye the fabric, did you?

    Good job (Most because I know to work with that kind of pattern is difficult. I tried, and I had to stop it, until I gain more experience in others patterns)