• 06-07-2007
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    Hunting Expo USA - Aug. 18-19, 2007, Riverside Convention Center, LA
    Hunting Expo USA is the #1 place for trading, meeting and marketing for sportsmen. Hunting Expo USA is a trade show for consumers.

    It is the customer flagship for the hunting, shooting, fishing industries and if you are a business owner, association, club, org, this show is a best place to represent your company!

    More information available at:


    *Live Auction(Hunting Trips, Safaris, and more)* Excellent Raffle items * Guest Speakers * Fun for the whole family **

    (We are accepting booking for the Feb. 1-2-3 2008 show also!)


    Hunting Expo USA - Team
    Phone# 805-383-2795
    Fax# 805-388-0485
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