Snowboard designs

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  • 04-23-2004
    Snowboard designs
    The online design contest issued by Salomon has come to an end. The three winners and nine honourable mentions are up on the site
    My design is not amongst those. (And I must admit, apart from the 3d prize winner I think all the other shown designs are better than mine..maybe I went too much on the 'safe' route. So it's back to the drawing board for me!) If you want to take a peek at my entries, I've uploaded them on my site

    New work (and new lay out) will be up by the end of may. (For those of you who are interested)
  • 04-25-2004
    You are still #1 to me
    I can't believe you were not on the top three when I saw them, your design beats #1 & #3 by far, however, I did like #2.

    With all this art you are working on, you think you got time to join the latest cd swap? I love your music :)