hey! a photo!!!!

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  • 02-02-2006
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    hey! a photo!!!!
    A classic Whistler day yesterday, 16cms of new (maybe a foot in bowls and other wind catchment areas), blue breaks in between snow showers, and we lined up for a half hour to get up the Harmony chair as soon as avvy control ended....

    ok, so not an action shot, but this girl I was riding with was a bit freaked out at this run!!

    Awesome day!!!!!
    canuck (bring it on!!)
  • 02-02-2006
    Definately a sweet shot, but i need more... get some!
  • 02-02-2006
    Camera shy?...
    Why are you ducking in the trees? I thought you lived for the camera?

    It's tough riding on business, huh? I've got my "business" snowboard trip planned for March. I just need Keystone to sponsor more meetings.:D
  • 02-02-2006
    I'm the one taking the photo silly....you can't even tell that's a girl man?
    you're slipping.....married guys, sheesh
  • 02-03-2006
    I think the lighting...
    is off, that's why I couldn't tell that it's a woman. Plus, she's not wearing pink.:p
  • 12-31-2009
    Nice shoot.Thanks for share with us.
    What Brand of Camera Do You Use?
  • 02-16-2010
    wow its really cool whether and where is there.
    Which place is that.? would i know that and joy that.
    I would like to have that.

    Have a good time.
  • 02-17-2010
    Lovely snap.The place looks beautiful.I love seeing snow but not get a chance to visit.After seeing this picture really eger to visit such places.
  • 05-21-2010
    wow nice shot
  • 06-24-2010

    Wow! Its a nice shot.
  • 09-23-2010
    Hey you post nice photograph but why you post one photo. so if you have more photographs then send it.