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  • 06-01-2006
    Forums Housekeeping
    Not sure if y'all will be upset about merging the snowboard and skiing forums together. Since these forums don't get much traffic in the summer, it makes sense. (I know skiers and snowboarders don't mix sometimes ... but can't we all just get along?) :p

    Let us know if you have any ideas for other forums ... or ideas for renaming existing forums.


  • 09-06-2006
    Gosh darn skiers, this means war! Assemble the troops:(
  • 09-22-2006
    max vertical
    I accidentally posted my review for Big Red Cats catskiing into Resorts instead of into Catskiing, didn't realize there was a Catskiing subheading.
    Also, some loser is advertising a drive cleaner on your forum above, you might want to delete it.